Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wellsville GOP: Shayler for mayor - Daily Reporter

By John Anderson, Regional Editor, Gatehouse Media
WELLSVILLE — The Wellsville Republican Party has a candidate for mayor of the village of Wellsville in November. Randy Shayler, currently a village trustee, will be the only candidate the GOP puts on the ballot.
“We are pleased to announce after meeting (Tuesday night) that Randy Shayler will be our candidate for mayor. We are very excited about this and glad Randy is ready to take on the challenge of being mayor,” said Dean Arnold, chairman of the Wellsville Republican Party.
Shayler was elected to a four-year term as a village trustee in 2014, and he says the time is right to run for mayor. He said he called Wellsville Mayor Judy Lynch, a Democrat, and let her know his intentions. “I spoke to her (Tuesday), I felt she should hear it from me,” Shayler said. “I think if she decides to run for another term she would be a good opponent.”
As for his decision, Shayler said, “This is when I can make a difference. Waiting four years doesn’t make sense to me. I also feel more can be accomplished by a mayor than a trustee.”
Shayler said his priorities include lowering taxes and taking on the Burrous Building. He said the village is starting to show the tax rate can be lowered.
“First, we must lower the tax rate. The second priority is we have to go after the Burrous Building with a vengeance,” said Shayler. “We own it, we need to market it. We need to find a developer, someone who will utilize that building.
“There is no question we can lower the tax rate. We’ve done a few things, we’re in the process of outsourcing the trash collection which will help the community both financially and with better service,” Shayler continued. “The other thing is, we’ve done a change to our insurance, the same used by the town which is a fairly significant savings. We know if we can accomplish those we can do more.”
Shayler moved to Wellsville in 2007 and joined the United Way. Today, he is the president of the Allegany County United Way Board of Directors, a member of the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce board and he was appointed to the Allegany County International Economic Development team.
“Even though I’ve been here almost 10 years, I bring a fresh set of eyes and I’m looking at things critically,” said Shayler. “General business acumen says if you want to cut costs and increase revenue, it takes time, it’s painful, but you can do it. I believe it’s true in business and from what I’ve seen, the same with the village.” The Wellsville Daily Reporter has more on this story, CLICK HERE.