Monday, June 20, 2016

Allegany County: Public Safety Committee meeting minutes from June 1, 2016


JUNE 1, 2016


Members Present:  P. Curran, S. Burt, C. Crandall, D. Healy,  J. Hopkins, K. LaForge, A. McGraw,

Others Present:    M. Barney, D. Fanton, K. Graves,   G. Green,  S. Grusendorf, R. Hollis, K. Hooker, C. Ivers,  B. Riehle, T. Ross, K. Slep,  B. Starks, T. Miner, R. Whitney

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 11:05am by Chairman Philip Curran

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the May 4, 2016, meeting were approved with a motion by Legislator LaForge, seconded by Legislator McGraw, and carried.

Barb Kelley, Public Defender

Barb Kelley, Public Defender, provided the committee with her monthly report for their review.  Ms. Kelley indicated she would like to have one central court and asked the committee if they would consider a resolution in support of the legislation which would allow council at arraignment.  Ms. Kelley reported Wyoming County is doing a council at arraignment.  Legislator Curran would like to do a council at arraignment at the Jail.  Allegany County is one of the counties that could hold arraignments at the Jail. This discussion was tabled until next month to give the committee members time to review the information provided by Ms. Kelley.   

Mike Barney-Emergency Management and Fire

The monthly report was provided to the committee for their review.  Mike Barney, Emergency Management and Fire Assistant Director, and Jeff Luckey, Emergency Management and Fire Director, attended a pre-prom DWI MCI drill held at the Canaseraga Volunteer Fire Department. It was reported this event was very well staged. Students really enjoyed the event and were very much engaged in the activity.  State Police, EMTs, and Allegany County Sheriff’s Office personnel and other first responders were in attendance for the drill.   

Linda Edwards-Stop-DWI Program Coordinator

Linda submitted an extensive newsletter for the committee to review her activities performed in the month of May.

Keith Slep, District Attorney

Keith Slep entertained questions regarding the monthly report he submitted for the committee’s review. 

Robert Starks, Probation Director

Mr. Starks gave his monthly report for May 2016 for the committee to review.    Members of their staff held a hot dog meal, and dunk-a-hunk event to benefit Allegany County Cancer Services.  Chad Coombes, Shawn Grusendorf, and J. R. Carter volunteered their services to be dunked.  The Probation Department team raised just shy of $750 to donate to the Allegany County Cancer Services by holding this event.  On Friday, the Probation Department team will sponsor the Lock Up for Cancer event to help raise funds for the Allegany County Cancer Services.  Mr. Starks is the president of the Youth Corp Board of Directors of Allegany County.  He has done a fine in this role as defined by Legislator Mike Healy.  Mr. Starks held the Senior Recognition Dinner recently and honored five students.  The Youth Corp. were awarded $8,000 from the United Way for next year’s Senior Recognition Dinner.

Gilbert Green, Weights & Measures Director

Mr. Green submitted his monthly report for the committee to review. He has been a long-time supporter of the internship program for B.O.C.E.S.  Mr. Green recently received recognition last week as a business sponsor for this internship program for B.O.C.E.S.    

Rick Whitney, Sheriff

Sheriff Whitney submitted his monthly report.  The Sheriff’s Office  collected $42,643.37 in undertaking, fines, bail, fees, and money judgments.  The Sheriff’s Office gave a tour of the Public Safety Facility to the Genesee Valley School’s Life Skills class and the Fillmore Cub Scouts in May. Sheriff Whitney and Undersheriff Monroe talked to the students about alcohols effect on the adolescent brain at the YMCA After-School Program in Wellsville.   The Sheriff reported there was a fairly good turnout at the after prom party in Belfast Central School where the Sheriff cooked french fries for the students. 

Sheriff Whitney asked that the request to transfer funds be withdrawn.

Sheriff Whitney made a request to accept and appropriate the 2016 LETPP Grant LE16-1004-D00 which will be used to purchase equipment for the Tactical/ALERT Team in the amount of $17,500.  The request was approved on a motion was made by Legislator McGraw, and seconded by Legislator Healy, and carried. Refer to Ways and Means

Security Policy

Lt. Grusendorf wants to address some security issues. He would like to come forward with a policy and disciplinary procedure which he will bring before the committee next month.  Lt. Grusendorf indicated the Sheriff’s Office received a second mag at no cost to the County.  The card reader we currently have is out of date and broken.  It is a County project and the cost should come from the County not just the Sheriff’s Office. Legislator Curran asked for the prices of the costs associated with the expenses of repairing the existing machine. The card reader needs to be replaced.  There are only a couple of doors that use card readers.  He will prepare whatever is needed for that purchase.

Workplace Violence Training

Tim Hand, Deputy Sheriff with the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, and Tom Kelly, Officer from the New York State Police, met with the committee who is working on the building.  Mr. Hand did a 15 minute presentation for workplace violence training.  He indicated we are working to make our campuses safe and are making progress in Allegany County. He indicated he completed a training that will be given to all county employees at Cattaraugus County.  The active shooter guidelines were brought about by the San Bernardino active shooter event.  The guidelines provided are only guidelines, not policy.  The active shooter guidelines have been well received throughout Cattaraugus County.  We are not branching off into private sector buildings.  This initiative was started 4 years ago for schools.   The standardized plan is being sent out to schools and counties.  Genesee Valley Central School is doing a mock drill in August.  Fire, EMS, along with the Sheriff’s Office will be available to participate.  You must run, hide or fight depending on what the situation is at the time.  A reminder will be given to the Public Safety Committee to attend. 


A motion was made by Legislator Burt to adjourn the meeting at 11:47 a.m., and this motion was seconded by Legislator McGraw and carried.

Respectfully submitted
Janet Norris
Secretary to the Clerk of the Board