Friday, June 24, 2016

NY State Police Blotter

6/23/16 12:39pm- Following a nearly month-long investigation, state police arrested David L. Gullo, 60, of West Almond. He was charged with felony forgery involving an official document and identity theft.
6/24/16 1:38am- After responding to a domestic disturbance call, state police arrested Rose M. Bickford, 34, of Friendship. She was charged with preventing an emergency call and harassment with physical contact. She was detained for court action.
6/22/14 1:40am- After responding to a disturbance call in the town of Almond, state police arrested Joyce R. Housman, 25, of Harlem, NY. She was charged with disorderly conduct-obscene language/gestures.
6/22/14 1:32pm- State police arrested Bradley C. Butler, 41, of Hornell. He was charged with felony burglar 2nd for an alleged crime in Almond. He was held on $20,000 bail.