Monday, June 20, 2016

PA: Potter County officials say mass mailing to voters causing confusion

A private, non-profit organization called Voter Participation Center recently mailed notices to citizens in all 67 Pennsylvania counties with references to the accuracy of their voter registration records. It appears that the organization intends to mail follow-up letters in September.
Please be advised that the Potter County Voter Registration/Elections Office is NOT affiliated with this organization or its mailings. The information has NOT been supplied by this office and much of its incorrect and/or outdated.
If you or someone you know has received such a letter and would like to be removed from the Voter Participation Center mailing list, you should contact the organization directly at 1-877-255-6750, or via email at We encourage you to check the status of your voter registration records with our office by calling 814-274-8467 before the General Election of Nov. 8, 2016.
Dawn Wooster
Executive Secretary
Potter County Commissioners
1 North Main Street
Coudersport PA 16915