Saturday, June 4, 2016

Potter County DA: "It's not always bad news" - Corrected!

During an extensive and wide-ranging interview Friday with Potter County District Attorney Andy Watson, we asked some challenging questions about cases current and past. Watson was incredibly much as the law would allow. It was our first interview with him since he was elected in 2010. Toward the end of our time, RNN asked if there was any good news to report..."something positive." Watson quickly responded "absolutely." Watson said he was particularly proud of the local drug task force efforts. The task force is coordinated through the Attorney Generals office. Watson said law enforcement is "doing well." He also said that during prosecutions, "I'll always seek the maximum sentence, where appropriate." He noted that each case has its own set of unique challenges and circumstances. Watson, paired with police, said the ultimate goal is to "keep our streets clean."
The six-year DA also said the Potter County DUI and Drug Court was scoring some serious successes. Watson said through the program, the county has experienced "fewer relapses." He said people who have strayed from the law and have entered the drug court programs have become "better people...they enjoy being with families."
We also discovered that Watson has a sense of humor, which RNN is thankful for. He made some off the record comments and RNN then quoted a potential headline using everything he just said 'off the books.' There was a pause, I then said "joking" and he agreed to cancel the arrest warrant for me! Watson agreed to accept our calls in the future so we can keep residents in Potter County better informed.