Saturday, June 18, 2016

SCAM Alert

Within the past day or two, and as recent as this morning, people are receiving scam text messages regarding bank accounts.
From: 855-379-3328 --- others have been from 201-633-4111
Text message: (specific bank name) Notification. Account Locked. Call 844-266-4604
People receiving these messages often do have an account with that particular bank, but the cell phone number is not associated with that account. And obviously this is not the way banks communicate with customers.
Please alert clients, family and friends – tell them not to respond if they receive one of these messages. And please make sure any messages are reported.
Thank you.
Denise M. Shukoff, Esq.
Coordinator, NYS Coalition on Elder Abuse
Special Projects Coordinator
Lifespan of Greater Rochester Inc.
1900 South Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618