Wednesday, June 29, 2016

State Still Owes Potter County For DA Salary

Potter County Today
Potter County recently received a $90,000 check from the state government, covering another overdue installment of the state’s share of District Attorney’s Andy Watson’s salary. The state still owes Potter County some $24,122 for the DA’s salary in 2015 and another $114,122 for 2016.

Act 57 of 2005 obligates the state to pay the 65 percent of a full-time DA’s $175,572 salary. When those payments lag, the county covers the entire cost, a situation that does not sit well with the Potter County Board of Commissioners. Other counties with full-time district attorneys face a similar shortfall. According to a spokesman for the Office of Attorney General, the Criminal Justice Enhancement Account does not have enough funds to reimburse the full amount. As the funds continue to accumulate in the account, the state will make a final installment payment for 2015.