Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Steuben: Sheriff Divisions re-accredited

(Photo: L-R Cole, Sorge, Clarkson, Kehoe)
BATH -- Two members of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department were recognized before the county Legislature’s Public Safety and Corrections Committee Monday for their efforts in the department’s re-accreditation. County Sheriff Sgt. Matt Sorge was recognized for ensuring the department’s Civil Division met the extensive 121 standards used for re-accreditation by the state Sheriffs Association, according to association Executive Director Peter Kehoe. County Sheriff Cpl. Patricia Clarkson received recognition for her efforts in determining the 39 standards set by the association for the department’s Court Security Division were met, Kehoe told the committee. "Re-accreditation is not just about ‘bragging rights,’" Kehoe told the committee. "It improves operation and efficiency and the morale of those in the department. It also improves the public perception and public confidence in the departments." The Sheriff’s Civil Division received accreditation in 2008 and the Court Security Division in 2010. "Professionalism is achieved through the establishment of sound policy, procedure and regulations," Cole said. "This re-accreditation confirms the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office commitment to professionalism".