Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wellsville UPDATE: Two dogs involved in state parole officer attack

A New York State Parole Officer was undergoing treatment at Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville Tuesday morning after she was attacked by two dogs outside a home on Fassett Lane in Wellsville. Town of Wellsville Dog Control Officer (DCO) Cathy Faulkner told RNN that both dogs, Retriever-Beagle mixes, have been ordered quarantined at home for ten days as required by state law. Faulkner said the dogs were "medium size...each 11 years old." The DCO said neither dog has ever bitten anyone before and the 'senior dogs' are current on rabies vaccinations. The parole officer was bitten multiple times on an arm and hip. Faulkner said she'll spend the next week determining if she'll request a 'dangerous dog hearing' in town of Wellsville court. Faulkner said the dogs are owned by two different people.  The DCO said the case is "under review." For now, the dogs will remain under "house arrest." State police are assisting in the investigation.