Monday, July 11, 2016

Can you hear me? Allegany County lawmakers spend $220K for new central phone system

The Allegany County Legislature Monday afternoon voted to spend up to $220,000 for a new county telephone system. The vote, however, was not unanimous. Legislator Scott Burt, R-Scio, voted against the plan. The money will come from the contingency account, or as some non-government people would say, the "rainy day fund."
Burt told RNN he voted against the plan because "money is tight...why not put it off until next year."  The Scio Republican said the county is already dealing with unknown costs renovating the former jail space and the legislature should "finish one project before beginning another." Referring to a new telephone system, Burt said "that's a lot of money...the timing isn't correct."
The current phone system has been in place for a quarter of a century. According to the resolution that was approved, the new system offers ease of use, redundancy and added security features.