Friday, July 8, 2016

Cuba PD: We do the same job as Dallas, " We're all concerned"

"We're all concerned." That's what Cuba K-9 patrolman Jim Galatio told us today in regards to the mass murder of police officers in Dallas, Texas hours ago. What began as a peaceful march in Dallas ended with sniper gun shots that led to the deaths of five police officers and the wounding of seven others.  Officer Galatio said "we still have the same job as Dallas officers. We have citizens that don't like the police...we're all concerned." The 26-year veteran officer said "you never know. We're always thinking about it...I can't grasp it."
During his first few hours on patrol Friday, Officer Galatio said he has received encouraging thoughts from Cuba-area residents telling him to "be safe."
We think of the insane acts as only occurring in metro areas, but that's a fool's errand. In 1999, in McKean County, PA, Officer Steve Jerman was shot and killed during a 'routine' traffic stop. On a roadside pull-off along Route 66, 150 yards south of town, Jerman stopped a car that had been weaving and tailgating. And with no warning, police said, the 18-year-old boy at the wheel fired at least one shot from a 9 mm pistol into Jerman's chest.

Last night, Dallas police weren't wearing vests. Galatio said Cuba police "always vest never know," said the veteran cop.

But Officer Galatio said Cuba Police officers weren't "scared," noting that the Cuba PD constantly studies and practices and is "given the tools" for self-protection. Galatio always is concerned for his partner of four years, K-9 Inga.
From Cuba Police Chief Dustin Burch -
My only comments would be that our profession is hurting right now and I feel that the rift between citizens and police needs to halt. Most of it is sparked from pointless rhetoric and people spreading rumors before the facts of these shooting come to realization. Our agency is prepared for any of these types of situations and we have had many active shooter trainings and even hosted some before. I am hopeful that we never need to use the training but we would be ready. Our officers and officers across the country should stand as a symbol of hope and safety not as a symbol of something that no one wants to associate with. Most of us join this profession because we enjoy helping others not trying to hurt them......
Dustin Burch
Chief of Police

Other police officers, who asked not to name them specifically, said they were "deeply saddened" by the event in Dallas. One 3-year officer said, "when I go to work in the morning...I just want to come home to my wife at night. He added, this isn't a 'city' problem, it's an issue for all of us.