Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cuba: Teen, police officer meet, agree to move on

Here's a surprising update to a story we brought you Monday and an editorial piece we posted today. It's regarding a dispute between a teenager and a Cuba police officer two months ago. The original posts are HERE.  In classic Cuba PD fashion, the Department wasn't going to allow this story to pass without a resolution. A short while ago, RNN received this note from Police Chief Dustin Burch:
We aren't perfect not by a long shot but neither is any human being. I arranged  a meeting between the 18 year old depicted in the video that went viral and Officer Jim Galatio. The young man's name is Josh Mangine. He is intelligent and hopefully has a bright future ahead of him. Officer Galatio has 26 years of good police work and volunteer work under his belt and I'd hate to see either one blemished because of one minor incident. Both parties are looking forward to moving forward and putting this behind them. We have much bigger issues that we plan on getting back to focusing on going forward!
RNN...some days it works for the best...