Monday, July 11, 2016

Election year $$ flows to Hornell FD, SAYS "Tom"

Press release note - we receive press releases from Congressman Tom Reed. The releases just say "Tom Reed," to indicate 'just call me Tom.' Nope...he is a member of Congress, not the average 'Joe.' So 'Tom,' hope you're okay if we actually refer to you by your elected title...Congressman...
CONGRESSMAN Tom Reed announces the City of Hornell Fire Department will be awarded a federal grant through the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “As a community, we care about demonstrating our appreciation by recognizing the men and women who are committed to keeping us safe,” said Reed. “These individuals devote hours of hard work to protect us and it is only right we give them the resources they need to do their jobs.” 
The City of Hornell Fire Department will receive a $609,740 grant which will be used to update radio equipment that the fire department utilizes to communicate with each other and other law enforcement, fire, and other emergency medical services.
“I am very pleased to hear our Fire Act grant application has been approved,” said Dan Smith, Chief of the Hornell Fire Department. “I would like to thank Tom for supporting this competitive need based grant program through FEMA, our award will provide a higher level of safety to our Firefighters, and a more efficient and effective response to our citizens.”
The grant will provide necessary upgrades to communications systems as law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services organizations are modernizing these systems around the country. Most law enforcement departments have finished the migration to the new systems, but Fire and Emergency Services departments are falling behind. The lag in implementing new communications systems is leading to inefficiencies that could cost precious time during emergency situations. 
“To purchase the needed radio equipment would have been very expensive for our city and taken many years to complete. This FEMA award will allow us to purchase new up to-date radio equipment that will provide the interoperability we need to communicate with our partners in Law Enforcement, and Fire and EMS in other Counties. The biggest factor in any emergency situation is the ability to communicate, conversely, the first breakdown in any emergency situation is communication,” Chief Smith concluded.