Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shayler: Burrous building "represents an opportunity"

Wellsville village board member Randy Shayler is looking for a title bump. He's running for Mayor. During an impromptu interview outside the Wellsville Municipal Building Wednesday evening, Shayler said the controversial Burrous Building restoration project "represents an opportunity." He likened the property to an anchor store at a mall. Shayler says he is well aware of the controversy surrounding the decision to spend money to restore the building, rather than rip it down as many have called for. He explained that, the cost of razing the building would have far, far exceeded the cost of repair. He says "there has been interest" from developers in renovating the building, but admits, "it's early in the process."
However, the Burrous project is number two on Shayler's campaign agenda. His top priority, shared by many who have sought the office of mayor, is to reduce Wellsville village taxes. "Everything would be on the table. Every department. Every line item," Shayler said. RNN asked if he would target the police department, as other political hopefuls have done. He replied simply with, "everything is on the table." Shayler said the key to success is reducing the tax rate and growing new business. "They go hand in hand," he said. "I am concerned about Dresser-Rand...but we're also seeing small business growth here."
Shayler's third priority? "Infrastructure. The streets need to be paved." He said "we need to start with Main Street."
Thursday, July 14, is the final day for candidates for local office to submit their nominating petitions. We're told that as many as five people plan to run for the Wellsville Village Board.