Thursday, July 21, 2016

Steuben to use state Emergency Preparedness funds

BATH – Steuben County has received a state grant for use for security and efficient emergency response within the county. County Office of Emergency Services Director Tim Marshall recently told the county Legislature’s Finance Committee 25 percent of the $130,000 state 2016 Homeland Security Grant will be used by the county Sheriff’s Department for its Critical Incident Response Team and Weapons of Mass Destruction programs. The remaining 75 percent will be used by the county Office of Emergency Services for its Code Red and I Am Responding services. Code Red allows communities to sign up for the Emergency Notification System, and I Am Responding allows the members of volunteer departments to notify their chiefs about their ability to respond to an incident. In addition, funds will be used for development of an Emergency Preparedness App for smart phones, Marshall said. The app will help residents learn details about disasters and emergencies that affect our area.