Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Bonadio Group/Allegany County DSS Collaboration Proves Fruitful

After several years of contracting with Bonadio, a Pittsford, NY- based consulting firm, for assistance with Medicaid self-employment cases, Allegany County Department of Social Services (DSS) ventured into an agreement to have the company use their expertise in three areas in the department.  Commencing in January 2016, Chronic Care Medicaid, Fraud Investigation, and Title IV-E Foster Care were areas that Bonadio visited on-site in order to assist the Department with identification of efficiencies, research, and technical assistance.

The positive relationship between Bonadio and the Department proved fruitful in identifying best case practices, both already in place and for future endeavors, to move the Department along a continuum of superior service to the community.  Both Timothy Ball, CFE/Manager, and Kelley Smeal, consultant, of The Bonadio Group, praised the professionalism, knowledge, timeliness of case processing, and open communication of the Department and its employees.  The Department and its employees found working with Bonadio to be an experience of professionalism with detailed knowledge of the complex issues that Social Service agencies are faced with. 

Through this joint collaboration, the Department was able to institute some suggested practices and to realize a savings to the Department of $275,000 in retroactive funding claims.  Other suggestions included succession planning and additional staff to assist in optimum investigations.  The Department thanks the Allegany County Legislature and the Bonadio Group for this opportunity to expound upon services to clientele and the community.