Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wellsville: Despite safety warnings, drivers still chat on cell phones - 1st hand account

There is nothing more intriguing than 'people watching.' This past week, I eased the news burden as I enjoyed the company of family. On Friday, feeling lazy and in semi-vacation mode, I 'sat on the front porch' and watched cars, trucks...and the world pass by. As I watched time tick away, I also watched something very disturbing. And because I am 'me,' I began logging this. In a 45 minute period during the late afternoon drive period, I counted 62 vehicles pass by me. Of those 62, 38 drivers were openly talking on cell phones. They weren't hiding, they had phone to ear...and the hands were 'making points vividly.'
I'll admit, this job keeps me close to my phone...but when I am driving...those calls can wait. I have never had a cell call SO URGENT that I had to stop life and respond. Technology exists to allow hands-free operation, but many people don't use it. For my safety and everyone...the call and text can wait...just like when I was younger...