Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wellsville: It's an active political season

During a time when some Southern Tier communities struggle to find "someone" to run for office, it's a different story for the village of Wellsville. Today is the final day to submit major party nominating petitions to the Allegany County Board of Elections. Those seeking to run on an Independent line have until the middle of August.
In the village of Wellsville, Trustee's Fordyce "Pete" Cook and Jamie Herman have both decided they won't seek the village board that is...street corner whispers suggest that at least one of them is looking beyond the job of village Trustee. Those in the know have said as many as five people will run for those two seats...and it's likely there will be an active mayor's race. The Allegany County Board of Elections said it should know by Monday who the actual candidates will be. While today is one deadline, the Elections folks say they'll need a day or two to make sure each candidates paperwork is complete and legal.