Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ceglia update

The story sounded crazy from the start: a guy from upstate New York claimed Mark Zuckerberg owed him half of Facebook Inc., and he had the papers to prove it.
Now, it’s gotten even crazier.
More than a year after the man, Paul Ceglia, cut off an electronic ankle bracelet and fled federal charges that he faked documents to bolster his lawsuit against Zuckerberg, Ceglia says someone -- he didn’t say who -- was planning to have him killed.
In e-mails to Bloomberg that reference cult television favorites and hint at government conspiracies, Ceglia has offered new tidbits about his life as an international fugitive, along with his wife, Iasia, his two pre-teenage sons and his dog Buddy.
“I felt I had no one in government I could trust,” Ceglia wrote in one of four e-mails. “An opportunity presented itself, so I MacGyver’d some things together and started running for my life.”
Ceglia’s whereabouts are unknown; the contents of the e-mails, with the subject line "Paul from Wellsville," provide a few clues.