Friday, August 26, 2016

Livingston County: Text to 911 saves a life

Sheriff Thomas Dougherty is reminding the community of our ability to receive a text message to 911 as an integrated service to our Emergency Communications (911) network and equipment.
The Livingston County Sheriff's Office reports that on August 25th, 2016 one of our resident’s utilized text to 911 when they were having a medical emergency.  Within seconds a member of the Communications Division was communicating with them via text, while directing EMS and Law Enforcement to their location.  Within a few minutes the first help was arriving on scene.
"Yesterday was another example of the successes current technology plays in our Emergency Communications Center," states Sheriff Dougherty.  "Texting to 911 is simple. Just enter 911 into your destination number for the message, type your narrative and hit send.  Your text will arrive at our Emergency Communications Center within seconds and you will then receive a text back from an LCSO Dispatcher.  The text messages can go back and forth until your emergency issue is resolved."
Calling 911 remains the preferred manner, but text to 911 is available for those situations which warrant it.