Monday, August 15, 2016


Photo: Allegany County Sheriff Rick Whitney, left, discussed the new Pill Drop Box located at Jones Memorial Hospital with Kerry Clark, the pharmacist at JMH, and CEO Eva Benedict, right. The box, located in the hallway between the Emergency Department and the main lobby, is available 24/7.
For the safety and convenience of patients and the community, Jones Memorial Hospital and the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office have installed a secure pill drop box at the hospital.
A pill drop box is a safe, secure place for community members to dispose of expired and unused medications. The benefits of placing a box at the hospital are numerous, including the prevention of medications reaching our streets, promoting a drug-free community, protecting the environment, and offering a vital service to our community.
“Patients and community members have been asking for years for help with disposing of discontinued or expired medications,” explained Kerry Clark, pharmacist at Jones Memorial. She added that it is frustrating to tell patients they have to bring them to another location, especially if they are dealing with a difficult situation – such as the death of a family member.  “If they have to try and figure out how to properly dispose of their loved ones’ medications while struggling with profound loss, having a pill drop box here at the hospital can make an already difficult situation a little easier for them,” she said. The pill drop box is not just for patients and their families; the entire community can take advantage of this convenient and easy method of medication disposal and be assured that their medications are disposed of safely and legally.
The drop box is located in the hallway between the Emergency Department and the main lobby, making it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the main switchboard or Emergency Department entrance.  “The drop box is a convenient and confidential method of reducing the amount of medications in our homes, community, and environment,” Kerry said, noting that the sheriff’s department will come and collect the drugs on a regular basis.
Allegany County Sheriff Rick Whitney said the drop box at the hospital is an appropriate location. “I want to thank Jones Memorial Hospital, CEO Eva Benedict and Pharmacist Kerry Clark for their help in placing a drop box at the hospital,” he said. “It is fitting to have this important public service located in a healthcare facility.” The hospital location brings the number of drop boxes throughout Allegany County to six. Boxes are also located at the Sheriff’s Office, the Wellsville and Cuba Police Departments, Alfred State College’s University Police and the Fillmore Pharmacy. “By working together, we can help keep unwanted drugs off our streets,” he added.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jones Memorial Hospital at (585) 593-1100, the Allegany County Sheriff at (585) 268-9204, or visit the Partners for Prevention website,