Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rumors swirl about Wellsville Pizza Hut closure

Rumors have been swirling since a letter to the editor in The Spectator on Sunday suggested that the Wellsville Pizza Hut was closing. The letter was penned by Tom Donnarumma, Co-Chair, "Wellsville Wants Walmart Committee." While the letter dealt mostly with the Wellsville Walmart battle, one sentence said "Pizza Hut in Wellsville is also going out of business." The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce said this morning it's all news to them. They did read the letter and were caught off guard. So was the local manager at Pizza Hut in Wellsville. She said the rumor mill has been spinning out of control and the restaurant was surprised. "It's news to me," the manager said. Calls to the Pizza Hut Public Relations Department have not yet been returned.