Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wellsville Board not giving up on Walmart

The Wellsville Town Board deliberates an issue

Despite a court ruling and the law firm representing Walmart saying it isn't coming to Wellsville, the Wellsville Town Board plans to fight on. Town Board member Jon Gardner said during a special meeting Wednesday afternoon that "we need to pursue this." Gardner noted that since Walmart hasn't provided anything in writing that it has ended its Wellsville pursuit, there's still a chance. He said "we deserve some notice." He added, "the community is very interested."
While supporting development, town supervisor Don LaForge appeared less enthused. LaForge said, "we lost the court battle...the lawyer said they weren't building in Wellsville." In addition, LaForge said the lawyer just called and Walmart wants a deposit it made to the town back. Undeterred, Gardner moved  for the creation of a two-person 'Walmart working subcommittee.' The committee, to include Gardner and council member Shad Alsworth, would be authorized to communicate with Walmart and hold meetings with community stakeholders. The motion was approved unanimously.
The town board then approved a subcommittee to work on finding a new business to take over the Lufkin-RMT plant adjacent to the Wellsville airport. That company said it will close by the end of the year. The Board assigned Don LaForge and Steve Havey to serve on that committee.