Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cuba: Palmer Opera House in search of local talent

Auditions will be held for a comedy murder mystery to take place in Cuba, NY.  Seven men and seven women are needed for the production on Saturday, October 22nd.  Auditions take place Monday September 26th and Wednesday September 28th from 6 PM- 8 PM at the Palmer Opera House & Event Center.
(SEPTEMBER 13)- The Palmer Opera House is excited to present their first play produced in house, an audience interactive murder mystery comedy, “Contention at the Convention”. This election themed comedy will feature local talent, and the audience will be part of the action.
This Vote for your Villain event has four political parties vying for election as president:
- The Rich and Famous Party candidate, Margerine Mongo, wants to outfit everyone with red shoes — and a good agent.
-The Greenik Party leader Fleur de Lease promotes growing veggies.
- Retroactive Party candidate, Willie Bygone wants to return to the old wild west days of horses and buggies.
.... and Rudolph Ritter of the BullDogmatic Party wants mandatory military training.
Candidates and their campaign managers get entangled in sometimes nasty but comical repartee. And this Convention has more than its share of intrigue and revealed secrets causing one of them to get — eliminated.

Auditions for this audience interactive comedy/murder mystery will be held Monday Sept 26th and Wednesday,Sept 28th from 6 to 8 pm at the Palmer Opera House. Looking for 7 males and 7 females, who are able to also able to do some improvisation.  Please contact or call us at (585) 209- 5512 for more information.