Thursday, September 29, 2016

Opinion: Oh, I wasn't supposed to drink the tap water??

I typically get grief when I write an opinion piece...and to be fair, many times it is justified. But right now, I feel pretty strongly on this point...and apparently so do many who have posted social media comments.
The Village of Wellsville is currently under a boil water advisory. According to the information received Thursday morning, the notice was dated about twenty-four hours ago. Thanks to the Wellsville Police Department for notifying the media at 9:53 a.m. Truly.
The village of Wellsville has an official website....yet as of 12:30 p.m. Thursday, there was no notice of the boil water advisory. The Daily Reporter also noticed this. If you have a government website, shouldn't you post timely and important information like a serious boil water notice? I think the village should have. Kudos to the Village Water Department...they posted it on their independent site. However, to find the info you either had to have the water site in your favs or click, click, click to find it.
Kudos also to Allegany County for the Code RED system just implemented. Moments after I received the e-mail from police, I received calls on my cell and home phone from the Code RED Alert system. Allegany County....nice job!
If the village wants to maintain a website, then it should be current...full of info in the here and now...not just weeks ago. This isn't an assault on village workers, who typically do an honest days work for pay.
Technology exits...use it. When it comes to the safety of drinking water, a 24-hour delay doesn't seem acceptable. I can receive a notice and have it posted within 5-10 minutes...government should do the same.
This post isn't meant to disparage local government...I like the workers who support Wellsville...but come on...
If you have a website...then use it...
Kudos also to local radio stations, WZKZ and WJQZ, who received the same email as did I and immediately aired the info...just like radio should.
While this isn't an 'end of the world''s important. Public safety matters. It's time the Village of Wellsville website reflected that...