Friday, September 30, 2016

Opinion: Wellsville Water Manager says " we weren't hiding anything"

Dana Harris is the manager of the Wellsville Water Treatment Plant. He is an honorable, hard working man who tells it like it is. On Thursday, there was a Code RED alert telling Wellsville Village water customers to boil the water because tests showed potential problems with the water quality. Mr. Harris took to the airwaves on WZKZ radio in Wellsville to tell the truth about the water quality samples, which demonstrated a need for residents to boil water prior to consumption. He said, "we weren't trying to hide anything."
Mr. Harris explained in detail about how and when the water department was told of potential concerns with the water quality.
On Thursday, RNN posted a stinging editorial piece about the water notification process. We agree...the Wellsville Water Division shared what they knew, when they knew. Our greater concern focused on the failure of the Village Administration to immediately post concerns on the official Village of Wellsville website. The village website should be an information portal...a task it has failed at. Facebook posts, social media and local radio seemed to be the lead info provider.
During the past few years, there has been a general trend for local governments to share information online. It's a quick and efficient way to tell taxpayers what the Hell is going on. The village of Wellsville has lagged a bit in this area.
As of 12 p.m., the planned agenda for the Monday meeting doesn't exist. The last meeting minutes posted are from weeks ago, although it has improved.
In 2016, making information available online is (rather) simple (and cheap).
If you want people involved...tell them what is happening. Want them at a public hearing? Tell them. Yes, the Daily Reporter is an asset. A respected one. But, amazingly, not everyone subscribes. The bottom line is the Village should make every effort to share info with the community. Online sharing is essentially free and easy.
Back to the first point...Dana Harris and the entire Water Department are pro's. I respect them.
If technology exists...use it. Allegany County does. The local school does. Itty Bitty towns do. Wellsville should as well.
Kudos to Dana Harris. A true pro.