Friday, September 16, 2016

Senator Young calls SUNY plan "harebrained"

A Southern Tier lawmaker is furious with a plan advanced this week by the State University of NY Board of Trustee’s. On Wednesday, the SUNY Trustee’s voted to remove questions about a prospective student’s criminal history from admissions applications. On her Facebook page, Senator Cathy Young of Olean called the move “outrageous and dangerous.” She also called the plan “harebrained.” SUNY said there would be some safeguards. Schools will be permitted to inquire about prior convictions on applications for campus housing, or participation in study-abroad or other specialized programs. Young says she’ll introduce legislation to change the policy.
This is Senator Young's post:
Allowing rapists and other violent felons to live in college dorms and be on campus? This policy change is outrageous and dangerous. SUNY should not allow sex offenders and other criminals convicted of violent felonies on campus. Students and parents should have a basic expectation that colleges they will have policies in place to keep them safe. This harebrained new policy violates that trust. I am introducing legislation to REQUIRE screening of college applicants for violent felony convictions, and writing a strong letter to the SUNY Board of Trustees.