Friday, September 16, 2016

Village of Wellsville collecting brush, tree limbs starting Sept. 19

WELLSVILLE — As of next week, village residents may start putting brush and small tree limbs out for pickup. There are a couple of ground rules, though, the village says: Don't put entire trees out and don't mix leaves and tree limbs.
"We want to start tree limbs and brush cleanup starting Monday, Sept. 19. It will continue through Friday, Oct. 21,” said Director of Public Works Bill Whitfield. “No tree branches larger than 3 inches in diameter — if anybody is cleaning up limbs from their lawn, that's what we want. What we'll do is we'll chip them.
“If you have a pile of limbs that you need picked up, you can call Public Works at 596-1710 and if we don't have it on our schedule already, we will make sure it gets put on a work order and taken care of,” he said. “We will do some patrolling, but we won't do a patrol of the entire village to start with."

Whitfield said residents should not leave tree limbs or brush in the road. Leaf collection will be done from Oct. 21 through Nov. 23.

"Try to get it (a limb and brush pile) to where it doesn't block the sidewalk or the road, similar to our leaf criteria. It's just trees and brush, no lawn clippings,” he said. “We collect leaves separately and leaves damage our equipment. That's why I say don't mix the leaves with the limbs. We will not pick them up. We're not going to sort through piles."

“We didn't offer this service previously. Now that we don't do garbage or bulky trash, we're gonna try this as a trial in the fall,” Whitfield said. "When the board decided to outsource garbage and bulky trash, we decided to start doing this as a service to our taxpayers."

The director of public works said rules about tree limb and brush pickup will be sent out soon on the back of utility bills. Whitfield said he envisions this as being a fall and spring service, though tree limbs and brush are more of an issue in the spring.

"We're just trying to work out the scheduling that works the best for us,” he said. “We're just going to go through this period, see what volume we get and make a determination. We'll do the same thing in the spring.”

Whitfield said the department wanted to wait until summer projects were over before tackling tree limb and brush collection. He said the paving schedule is done and he and Brad Mattison, assistant director of public works, wanted to get started with limbs and brush.

"It could be a daily thing. It depends on the piles that are out there,.” Whitfield said. “I envision this as being something we do a couple of days a week and we will be able to clean pretty much everything that's out there.”