Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wellsville Fire conducts exercise at airport - Erie County fire has the real thing

As Wellsville and several neighboring fire departments prepped for an emergency drill near the Wellsville airport today, First Responders in Erie County were dealing with the real thing. According to the Erie County Sheriff's Department, through several news outlets, two small planes collided this morning near North Collins. There were fatalities. According to Channel 2/WGRZ, deputies believe the planes took off from the Hamburg Airport and were headed to Pennsylvania when the crash occurred. Police reportedly said there were no survivors.
Meanwhile, the Wellsville drill was advertised as a test of water supply operations at the hilltop location.
First responders practice for a reason. Today was an example why...
From the Buffalo News - The two aircraft were in a group of six that took off together this morning from Hamburg Airport, said Larry Walsh, the airport's vice president, to The News. The aircraft were flying together to get breakfast, in St. Mary's, Pa., and planned to return later in the day. A 60-year-old Hamburg man and a couple from Eden, both 69, were the only three people aboard the two planes, the officials told The News.