Monday, September 19, 2016

Wellsville Pizza Hut has CLOSED - for good!

An RNN news tracker alerted to this...Pizza Hut in Wellsville has closed. RNN called the local eatery...the person who answered said the store closed Sunday night and would not reopen. The staffer said many of the workers transferred to Hornell or Olean. The worker said she was not at liberty to explain the circumstance of the closure.
Brian Perkins, Executive Director for the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce said his office received no official notification. Perkins did say that last week he noticed workers making modifications to the building...a thought he now says could be helpful in repurposing the building.
Message from Wellsville Mayor Judy Lynch:  Although I have not received any official word of Pizza Hut closing, it will be a significant loss after having been a part of our Village for so many years.  It is especially disappointing as it is located in that block of our Main St we are working so hard to rebuild.  We have to remain positive that we will see new business that will create new jobs especially in that block. The Village is participating in many projects that will enhance our Main St such as the Gateway Project and Walkable Community Project.  Each will provide easier access to our Main St and Community along with more street lighting, benches, pocket parks and ADA compliant crosswalks.  Hopefully the Pizza Hut building will not sit empty for long as we continue our work to keep our Main St thriving.