Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wellsville: Lufkin files notice with state - will close December 16, 2016

As required by law, Lufkin-RMT in Wellsville has filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notice (WARN) with New York State. Layoffs will begin December 2. The plant will close December 16.
-Date of Notice: 8/31/2016
-Event Number: 2016-0034
-Rapid Response Specialist: Michele Taylor
-Reason Stated for Filing: Plant Closing
-Company: Lufkin Industries LLC, a part of GE Oil & Gas, 2475 Tarantine Boulevard,Wellsville, NY  14895
-County: Allegany | WIB Name: ALL/CAT | Region: Western Region
-Contact: Rhonda Buck, Employee Human Resource Manager
Phone: (585) 296-3112
Business Type: Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturer
Number Affected: 54
Total Employees: 54
-Layoff Date: Layoffs will begin on12/2/2016 and continue through 12/16/2016.
-Closing Date: 12/16/2016
-Reason for Dislocation: Economic
ERNUM: 49-17636
Union: The affected workers are not represented by a union.
Classification: Plant Closing