Thursday, October 20, 2016

12 arrested in Olean area drug sweeps

L-R, top row: Applewhite, Arnold, Brophy, Burtman

L-R, 2nd row: Chase, Ford, Funderburk, Singer

L-R, 3rd row: Smith, Vreeland, Warren, Cornelius

Three different Police agencies were involved in arresting several people in the past week and a half.  The Olean Police Departments Street Crimes unit and the Southern Tier regional drug task force conducted controlled buys of drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, prescription pills, and Suboxin on people in and around the City of Olean. All drug buys were presented to a Cattaraugus County Grand Jury by District Attorney Lori P. Rieman and arrest warrants were issued by the Honorable Judge Ron Ploetz. The Street Crimes unit was assisted by the New York State Police Community Narcotics enforcement team (CNET) and the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task force. In all, 12 people have been arrested in the past week for drug sales. All defendants were transported to the Cattaraugus County jail and some are pending arraignment or have been arraigned.
C.S.C.S = criminal sale of a controlled substance
C.P.C.S = criminal possession of a controlled substance
Arrested on 10/19/2016
Donald Applewhite, age 25 , 206 N. 6th St. Olean
Charges: C.S.C.S 3rd , C.P.C.S. 3rd.
Allegedly Sold Crack Cocaine

Melinda J. Chase, age 36,  316 N 5th St. Olean
Charges: C.S.C.S 4th, C.P.C.S. 5th
Allegedly Sold prescription pills

Mahli P. Brophy, age 24,  17 Waymer St. Portville
Charges: C.S.C.S 3rd. C.P.C.S. 3rd.
Allegedly Sold Heroin

Fallon M. Smith, age 29,  10050 Elton Road, Delevan NY
Charges: C.S.C.S 4th. C.S.C.S. 5th, C.P.C.S. 5th, C.P.C.S. 5th
Allegedly Sold prescription pills.

Allen C. Singer, age 21,  112 W. Riverside Dr. Olean
Charges: C.S.C.S. 3rd, C.P.C.S. 3rd.
Allegedly Sold Crack Cocaine

Maurice A. Arnold, age 29,  2936 Five Mile road Allegany NY
Charges: C.S.C.S. 3rd ( 2 counts) C.P.C.S. 3rd  (2 counts)
Allegedly Sold Heroin
Arrested on 10/18/16
Curtis A. Ford age 25, currently residing at Wende Correctional Facility, Alden NY
Charges: C.S.C.S. 4th (2 counts) C.P.C.S. 5th. (2 counts)
Allegedly Sold prescription pills

Justin D. Vreeland, age 34,  currently residing in the Cattaraugus County jail
Charges: C.S.C.S. 3rd, C.P.C.S. 3rd
Allegedly Sold prescription pills

William E. Warren, age 19,  209 E. State St. Olean
Charges: C.S.C.S. 5th (2 counts) C.P.C.S. 5th  (2 counts)
Allegedly Sold prescription pills

Laurie A. Cornelius, age 47,  Canton, Texas
Charges: C.S.C.S. 4th (2 counts) C.P.C.S. 5th (2 counts)
Allegedly Sold prescription pills 

Arrested 10/14/16
Keith Funderburk, age 28,  1015 Kensington Ave, Buffalo NY
Charges: C.S.C.S. 3rd, C.P.C.S. 3rd.
Allegedly Sold Crack Cocaine

Arrested 10/11/16
Cheri A. Burtman, age 35, 116 ½ S. 2nd . St. Olean
Charges: C.S.C.S. 4th. C.P.C.S. 5th.
Allegedly Sold Suboxin
More arrests are pending.
Submitted by Captain Robert Blovsky, Olean Police Department