Thursday, October 27, 2016

Alfred Ceramic Art Museum Opens Friday

The Alfred Ceramic Art Museum caps a
100-year effort,
 to install a ceramic art museum on the campus
The Alfred Ceramic Art Museum will open officially Friday, Oct. 28, with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. and the unveiling of Core Sample, the museum’s first official exhibit, featuring selections from its permanent collection.
“Core Sample will include a number of pieces that have not been on view in years,” says Wayne Higby, director and chief curator of the museum and also an internationally acclaimed ceramic artist. “This is the first of many ambitious projects slated for the Museum, which will reveal essential aspects of the Museum’s collection, as well as chart new directions in ceramic art and scholarship.”
Friday evening will offer the Alfred University community – and broader communities as well – an opportunity to feast on the fine arts. In addition to the opening of the Ceramic Museum, The Cohen Gallery will open the exhibition “Follow Through,” by artists Adam Hinterlang and Peter Morgan.  “Follow Through” contains individual work by both artists, including extraordinary tile pieces that represent years of planning, meticulous work and collaboration. The artists call the work emerging from that collaboration “Wildlife Fashion Art.”
Meanwhile, the National Casting Center Foundry continues offering local residents and AU students, faculty and staff members the opportunity to create molds for their own cast iron vessels: Doodle Vessels, which will be cast Saturday, Oct. 29, at the annual Pour.
This year’s Pour is collaborating with the campus-wide Water for Haiti, which is raising funds for the drilling and construction of water well on Haiti. The project is being coordinated by AU geology Professor Michelle Hluchy who is working with the organization Haiti Outreach, founded by Neil Van Dine of Wellsville. Additional events, including music and food sales, will continue through Saturday in support of the Haiti project.
Core Sample, the opening exhibition of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum, will continue to March 5, 2017, when additional objects from the museum’s collection will go display.
The Ceramic Art Museum houses nearly 8,000 ceramic objects ranging from small pottery shards from ancient civilizations to modern and contemporary ceramic art. The opening of the museum Friday caps a process that began in an embryonic form in 1903, when Charles Fergus Binns began planning an Alfred University pottery collection and assembled an initial collection in the university’s original ceramics building.
In 1991, the University Board of Trustees formally established the Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University. That museum developed into the Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, with support from University Trustee Pam Joseph and her late husband Jay Schein.
Construction of the new museum building began in 2014, with support from Trustee Marlin Miller, and the Board of Trustees gave the museum its new name in 2015. As a research and teaching facility, the primary mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, conserve, research, interpret and exhibit ceramic art for aesthetic and educational purposes.