Friday, October 14, 2016

Amity Rescue inks deal with Off Duty, Inc.

The Amity Rescue Squad has entered into a lease agreement with "Off Duty" Inc. of Belmont, N.Y. Off Duty Inc. will reconstruct the current banquet hall at the Amity Rescue Squad building on State Route 244, Belmont, and will be operated under the IRS law 501 (c) 7. Off Duty Inc. will be similar to a Legion, Lodge, Veterans Club, etc., but with a target membership to include Emergency Medical Service personnel, Fire Department personnel, 911 Dispatchers, Law Enforcement which includes all levels, i.e.: Police, Corrections, Security, Justice and Judges, DEC, Court system employees, etc. Hospital employees, health care workers etc.

Off Duty Inc. will also offer a "social" membership with sponsorship by a full member. Off Duty Inc. will be open 7 days a week with a full service bar and restaurant. Members will enjoy low cost beverages, food, billiards, music, etc. in exchange for dues paid.

Off Duty Inc. will employ roughly 15-20 people ranging from Bartenders, Cooks, Wait staff, DJs, Accountant, General Manager, Designated Drivers, and Cleaning staff.

Off Duty Inc. will operate with a Board of Directors under the 501 (c) 7 laws with required by-laws and house rules as any other club membership organization.

As the 501 (c) 7 laws state, all net proceeds will be donated to charities in the area including Fire, Police, EMS, and numerous other groups.

Amity Rescue Squad Inc. has  to enter into this agreement with Off Duty Inc. due to the falling number of rentals of the existing Banquet facility. Wedding trends have moved to more outdoor ceremonies and receptions therefore having the building sit empty on most days. The banquet hall has been losing money for three years in a row as utilities still remain functioning and costly. We project Off Duty Inc. to be opening in the Spring of 2017. Prospective members will be receiving information about the plans and due schedule in the mail over the next couple months.

We have secured a popular area cook to assist in all aspects of serving quality food at a very reasonable price for members and guests.

Members and guests will enjoy a modern, clean, and quiet facility designed for interaction of the Public Safety Community.