Thursday, October 20, 2016

Commentary from Stan Swan: 'A day to be sad'....

Note: Stan Swan is the former operator of a funeral home in Andover. He also enjoyed a career in broadcasting and now spends his time writing. This is from his blog, Stanley Swan's Undertakings.

Our family is in 'shell shock' after seeing what the current Amish owners have done to our former five generation home in Jasper, N.Y. Built by our great grandfather in 1888 and maintained and loved dearly ever since, in one day; they removed the entire slate roof, third floor attic with beautiful stained glass windows, and re-designed the roof angles…completely changing this wonderful, historic building into a huge eye sore. We are saddened, and grieve for the town that now has to look at this monstrosity. And so another property in the great state of New York is reduced to a 'welfare' type structure, striking stark contrast to the 'Empire' state that we were so accustomed to; when people took  care of their property, kept things picked up and repaired, and generally had some pride in themselves.
What sad times we live in today. The question one must ask is......what will things look like around us in another twenty...thirty... forty years? I am glad I will not be here to witness it.