Friday, October 28, 2016

Editorial: Election workers deserve praise, respect

From Wellsville to Washington, one thing is for sure...Election Day 2016 will be one to remember. It will also be a day from Hell for the dedicated volunteers and paid staff that, at least in Allegany County, will pull it all together. November 8th will be a day with significant responsibilities for Allegany County Election Commissioners Michael J. McCormick and Richard G. Hollis, as well as their deputies Barbara Broughton and Marcy Crawford. Then there are the countless, bleary-eyed poll workers who will wake hours before sunrise and continue nonstop for hours after the sun has set, staffing every voting district. They all will deal with lines, complaints, the unavoidable "problems and surprises" and so much more. This isn't a typical election. Not in Wellsville and not for the country. Yet, these pro's will do their best to make every vote count. They deserve hazard pay on November 8th! These people that staff the polling locations deserve praise and respect. After you vote, consider...just consider...taking a moment to thank these workers. It'll likely be a Hell of a day for them, but I can guarantee you each worker will be proud. Proud, because they are taking part in a fundamental, core value of this country - free and open elections. I say without hesitation to each and every Election worker....Thank you.