Monday, October 3, 2016

Editorial: Media political endorsements are stupid, annoying

Have you ever worked at a place where your boss told you to 'support the company line.'? It's the same with today's political endorsements. When it comes to casting a ballot, why should I care what other people think? Media reported endorsements are just...well, ratings tools. Seriously! Are you really going to vote for Judy Lynch or Randy Shayler for Wellsville Mayor because RNN endorses one? Please God, tell me no! The same should be true at the broader level. Who cares what Lebron, the NY Times or the Washington Post think? Read the reviews, but then, decide on an individual level. Voting is's a personal choice, regardless of party. Fact check-I've never voted straight party...I select the person, without outside direction.
Sadly, many folks don't follow the news as I do...they have real jobs that take them away for the headlines...and so sometimes, folks rely on the "experts," those in the know. Fact check--none of us knows crap.
I don't care who others endorse...nor should you. Voting is an individual matter.
To date, RNN has never endorsed a candidate...nor has local media that I am aware of. And so what if they do?
Rick Miller likes...John Anderson likes...Gerri Miller likes...Brian Quinn likes...who cares. Who do YOU like?
Media endorsements are crap. Your decision isn't.
On the Wellsville level, I've heard nothing from Judy or Randy. Both, and other candidates, are welcome to send their views. As far as I can tell, a BIG issue in Wellsville is the Burrous Building and both Randy and Judy are on the same where's the difference ? (my slight push for their candidate positions)!
Bottom line is...stop listening to the media, RNN, and everybody else. You decide. It's one of the reasons RNN attempts to funnel the facts on issues to you. In the end...just figure it out and vote.
PS- We may endorse candidates, because this isn't a site beholden to commercial dollars...OHH, Stand by!!! LOL