Saturday, October 1, 2016

I think I'm getting old...and I'm not sure I'm happy 'bout it

My iPhone and iPad underwent software updates this week. I'm not sure I'm pleased with it. There should be two types of updates. The first is a security update which I'll accept, always. The second is a 'features' update that some genius, somewhere, says I'll love. He or she is typically wrong. I'm not impressed when some younger buck who makes more $$ than I ever will decides I "need" something. Here's the deal...
It's not that the feature changes are necessarily's just I don't want to constantly re-learn how to operate my gadgets. This concern has made me realize I'm getting old. Not the "hey you, get off my lawn" old, but close.
On Friday, I found myself, once again, learning how to use my gadgets. I've come to a point where I don't want to learn again how to use something. At some age, we should be exempt from learning to use something all over again!
I used to be a tech "wiz." Okay, not a "wiz" but I could easily adapt. There was a time when I embraced changes. Not so much anymore.
I've spent the past twenty-four hours learning again how to manage my iPhone and it has not been a successful or pleasant experience. I used to make fun of people who wrote what I have. It's not so funny these day...boy was I stupid!
On an unrelated note-
I have received some wonderfully encouraging emails and texts about recent posts...and some not some thrilling. In fact on Friday, I was confronted face to face by a man who called some of my posts "ridiculous." He said "stick to the news and facts. Nobody cares what your thoughts are." That's likely an accurate statement! Thankfully, this is not an advertiser-supported site and I am not beholden to revenue. At age 30, I cared what people thought. I cared slightly less at age 40 and at 50+, I have even less desire to be adored by people. Clearly, we all want to be supported...liked...but today, I just want to speak openly. My opinions are just that. Opinions. Like 'em. Hate 'em. It's all fine. I still dislike struggling with technology.
This site is news based, with some opinions and reader viewpoints tossed in (just like a newspaper). I'm grateful for those who choose to read this site...and it is a choice...a choice that more than 75,000 people made this past week. Thanks for viewing. Thanks for the comments, good and bad. Still, I wouldn't mind being 30 again! Flip-phones weren't the worst invention!