Friday, October 7, 2016

Village Election: Dorsette - former Burrous Building owner- "I'm not bitter"

Note: The title for this story has been modified. The original title gave the appearance of an endorsement, which RNN does not do.
It's been sixteen years since a third party, Independent candidate was elected mayor in Wellsville. The last time was in 2000, when Susan Goetschius was elected on the Brighter Futures party line. James Dorsette would like history to repeat itself. He's running as a third party candidate for the village's 'top' job. Dorsette's name may sound familiar to some. He is the former owner of the now highly controversial Burrous Building. Friday, Regional News Network (RNN) sat down with Dorsette for an in-depth interview on his campaign, his issues and, why mayor?
Straight out, RNN asked Dorsette if he was bitter at losing his investment property on Main Street and he immediately replied, "No, I'm not bitter." He did say however, that in his case his "constitutional rights and laws were violated." He added, "if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone." He said a civil suit was pending. While he said he harbored no ill will toward current Mayor Judy Lynch and "her administration," it was clear to RNN that he was not a fan. However, RNN didn't want to dwell on the Burrous topic since being mayor encompasses many more issues. Here's a snapshot of Dorsette's thoughts on village issues:
Dorsette said taxes are out of control in Wellsville but quickly pointed out he had no immediate plan to solve the problem. He said there would be a learning curve since he doesn't have ready access to all the facts and figures.
In the last 20+ years, the size of the Wellsville Police Department has always been a campaign issue. So RNN asked, would he cut the police force? Dorsette said no. In fact, he said there weren't "too many police. The department is "understaffed," he commented. Dorsette said he would always look for cuts and would even ask staffers to consider a pay cut. Dorsette pointed out that he was a former Sergeant with the New York City Police Auxiliary. With his history, he said he was bothered by the fact that the local police agency didn't use vehicle dash cams and that officers didn't wearing body cams. He added that "this community supports the police department." 
As far as HIS salary, Doresette said he'd accept just $1 per year because, "I believe community is worth more."
In nearly every campaign in recent memory, there has been debate about the condition of local streets. Dorsette said the village streets "need improvement." He said he would "triage" the streets to determine the priority needs...with the business district ranked at the top."
We asked Dorestte if he felt safe walking down Main Street at midnight and he said he felt "reasonably safe." He explained that as a private citizen he felt totally safe...but as a controversial candidate, there were one or two issues.
Why did you move to Wellsville
Dorsette is a transplant from New York City. He said, as many before have...he fell in love with the clock by the Municipal Building as well as the Balloon Rally.
Why run for office?
Dorsette said he never envisioned him running for public office. He said in this case, he was "motivated by resentment." He added that we has discovered many followers who feel the same way, despite the odds.
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