Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jones Memorial: Accuvein means fewer needlesticks

PHOTO: Nurse Rachael McDonald demonstrates the new AccuVein equipment on Jamie Ross. The veins are highlighted in the red area, making it easier to find a suitable vein for blood work and IVs. 

WELLSVILLE, NY (October 5, 2016) – Question: What common medical procedure can be challenging for the provider and anxiety producing for the patient?
Answer: Finding a suitable vein for a blood draw or placing an IV.
Jones Memorial Hospital is now using an AccuVein device to locate veins that might otherwise be undetectable. “The AccuVein provides vein illumination and allows the nursing staff to locate and map veins on the patients skin,” said Anne McCormick, RN. BSN, MHA, ONC, JMH Nurse Manager Med-Surg. “The main benefit for patients is nurse accuracy and fewer needle sticks."
The AccuVein was purchased with a grant from the FT & Anna Manley Trust. Staff training on the new portable device  has been extended to the lab and the Emergency Department so that outpatients may also benefit from the new equipment.
So how does the AccuVein work? Using light! Hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light. “When the AccuVein device is held above the skin, the veins show up clearly,” explained Mrs. McCormick. “Because they appear noticeably different than the surrounding tissue, it is easier for the nurse to map the veins and find a suitable one.” Fewer needle sticks make happier patients and nurses!
“Thank you to the Manley Trust for helping us to purchase this valuable piece of equipment to aid in patient care ,” added Donna Bliven, RN BSN, VP of Patient Care at Jones.