Sunday, October 9, 2016

Matthew "devastates" Fayetteville, NC

Thoughts for the people impacted by "Matthew"
There have been 254 water rescue calls, 699 people rescued; and 4 people remain missing. There have been three fires started after power was restored and appliances left on.

Swift water rescue teams from New York (45-person team), New Jersey (85-person team) and Ohio (85-person team) are helping rescue stranded motorists and those in flooded homes.  The New York team is already on the ground and assisting in rescue efforts and the New Jersey and Ohio teams are expected in Fayetteville by early Sunday. 
We continue to stress that there is no need for residents to be out in vehicles across the city and county at this time, and we especially don’t want drivers attempting to traverse flooded roadways.  While we are charged with rescuing those in need, poor choices made by those on the roads are hindering our ability to attend to and rescue other residents.
There are now four people missing, all attributed to high water.
As stated in the last press release, the situation here in Cumberland County and the City of Fayetteville remains critical and life threatening. Residents are advised to stay off the roads and shelter in place. We cannot stress that enough!
A State of Emergency remains in effect. Cumberland County schools are closed Monday. Several damns are on the verge of breach. If you have tap water, boil it.