Friday, October 14, 2016

Nationally acclaimed author and motivational speaker visits Potter County schools

Press Release:
During the first week of October, 6-12 grade students from the five Potter County schools and Port Allegany were given the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker who is known worldwide as America’s Passion Coach. Darrell “Coach D” Andrews is a nationally acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and education/workforce development consultant.  He has dedicated his life to helping students, schools, educators, and parents worldwide reach their fullest potential through his positive and upbeat style of speaking. 
Throughout Darrell “Coach D” Andrews’ time in the schools, his motivational theme was “Turning Dreams, Passions, and Talents into Careers.” His focus during his presentations was to motivate the students and encourage them to start thinking about their future goals/dreams.  “Coach D” shared powerful messages such as “Knowledge is Power,” “Show me Your Friends, I’ll Show you your Future,” and encouraged them to embrace the education they are receiving today.  The message delivered was perceived as empowering and inspirational to all based on student and faculty feedback.
Darrell “Coach D” Andrews visit was made possible by the Potter County Human Services and the Education Council’s Business Liaison/Career Mentor program within the schools.  We would like to thank two local businesses; The Hotel Crittenden and Westgate Inn for their hospitality and support during “Coach D’s” visit to Potter and McKean Counties.  Thank you to the schools’ administration, faculty, and students for welcoming “Coach D” into your schools and embracing his powerful messages.