Monday, October 24, 2016

PA professional disciplinary actions

Secretary of State Pedro A. Cortés announced that 119 disciplinary actions have been taken by the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs’ 29 professional-licensing boards, the Bureau of Charitable Organizations and the Division of Legislation and Notaries of the Bureau of Commission, Elections and Legislation:
PA Board of Nursing:
Dianne Lynn Heitzman, license no.: PN265612, of Randolph, New York, voluntarily surrendered her license because she had a license suspended or revoked, or received other disciplinary action by the proper licensing authority in another state.
PA Board of Veterinary Medicine:
McKean County
Bradley P Macneill, license no. BV004099L of Bradford, McKean County, was ordered to pay a civil penalty of five thousand dollars ($5000), have a public reprimand placed on his permanent disciplinary record with the board, and at his expense, complete the education courses listed in the Consent Agreement, because he engaged in incompetence, gross negligence or other malpractice, or departing from, or failing to conform to, the standards of acceptable and prevailing veterinary medical practice; abused or neglected an animal and/or failed to consider the welfare of the animal for the purpose of relieving suffering and disability while causing a minimum of pain or fright; failed to provide documentary evidence of a patient’s illness, hospital care, and treatment and serve as a basis for review, study and evaluation of the care and treatment rendered by the veterinarian and further require that a veterinary medical record be kept in a problem-oriented or similar format that allows any veterinarian, by reading the record, to proceed with the care and treatment of the patient and allow the Board or other agency to determine the advice and treatment recommended and performs; failed to maintain veterinary medical records which completely reflect the evaluation and treatment of a patient, and/or document presenting symptoms and complaints, and/or document a diagnosis, and/or document medical or surgical treatment, and/or document drugs administered or dispensed including dosage and/or document surgical or dental procedures, including type and dosage of anesthesia, and/or document communication with a client; failed to document, by signature, the client’s consent to treatment that has significant potential risks; engaged in professional incompetence; and failed to maintain required veterinary medical, surgical, and/or diagnostic procedure logs and/or medical records. (09/16/16)
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