Friday, October 14, 2016

Post Office coming back to Steuben County Town

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that the ‎Town of Prattsburgh in Steuben County has issued a certificate of occupancy for the re-stabilized Main Street post office, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) plans to resume postal services at the facility by the end of the month. Schumer explained that, over the summer, the Main Street post office in the town was closed due to safety concerns. In the aftermath, the postal operations for the town were moved nine miles outside of Prattsburgh to the Town of Pulteney, a more rural location that operated on a limited schedule. The closure of the facility coupled with the lack of public transportation options in the region and a large elderly population was challenging and inconvenient for Prattsburgh residents, as well as local businesses that need to utilize mail services. Schumer said the closure led to confusion and frustration within the community as well as concern that a post office would not return to central Prattsburgh. Schumer urged the USPS to establish a new post office or to work swiftly with local officials ‎to resume operations in a stabilized facility and do right by the citizens of Prattsburgh. Schumer announced today that repairs have been made to the facility and the USPS will resume operations in the building by October 30, 2016.
“This is welcome news for the Town of Prattsburgh and the residents and businesses who rely on this post office every day. The closure of the town’s Main Street post office left local community members confused, frustrated, and concerned. That’s why I went to bat for the citizens of Prattsburgh and urged the USPS to work with local stakeholders to quickly resolve the situation.” said Schumer. “We pushed the envelope to ensure that Prattsburgh residents and businesses were not overlooked and I’m thrilled to announce that, after our efforts and those of Town officials, the Main Street location will be back open for business by the end of this month.”
“It’s good to know that there are people out there who can still be counted on, and Senator Chuck Schumer is one of them. He has been working with us each step of the way, amplifying our concerns and talking to the US Postal Service. Many folks in our town have waited anxiously for this issue to be resolved, it’s been very important to us, and we are certainly happy to hear that our post office will be up and running again soon,” said Leonard McConnell, Prattsburgh Town Supervisor.
Schumer explained that the Prattsburgh Post Office was officially closed over the summer after being deemed unsafe by the local code office. Following the closure, postal operations were moved nine miles away to a post office in the Town of Pulteney. Schumer explained that this was a great distance for a rural community, as there is no public transportation system for residents of the town to utilize. In addition, the former Prattsburgh facility operated on a standard full schedule, while the Pulteney post office was only open for short intervals throughout the week. Schumer said this not only further decreased access for many Prattsburgh residents but lead to confusion and frustration among residents. The town of Prattsburgh, population 2,064, generates significantly more mail than the Town of Pulteney, population 1,406. Schumer therefore urged USPS to do right by the citizens of Prattsburgh and restore postal operations in the town center as quickly as possible.