Monday, October 24, 2016

RNN attacks on Village of Wellsville, others, improper we've learned

Regional News Network, reporting news under various names since 1981, has no problem being aggressive with local governments when a wrong is perceived. During the past many weeks, RNN has been critical of the Village of Wellsville for its failure to post advance meeting agendas on its website. The obvious purpose is to alert citizens what issues will be discussed. Despite the decades of doing this, RNN was wrong. It's only fair that RNN publicly apologizes to the Village Board in Wellsville for the rough critiques.
On Monday afternoon, RNN spoke with the Assistant Executive Director for the NYS Committee on Open Government, a division of the NYS Department of State. It was during this call that RNN learned...we were wrong. No local government is required to tell the public in advance of a meeting, what it plans to discuss. Want to know? Show up, I guess. The State said it encourages local governments to be open and share topics to be discussed to engage the public, but it's not required. And so to the Wellsville Mayor, Village Board and staff, we apologize for our error.
You should still use the government website for more than you do...but the law says you don't have to. It's your decision.
Bottom line-RNN was wrong and we apologize.