Sunday, October 23, 2016

RNN decision on marijuana violation arrests

There's been inconsistency in our reporting. For that, we apologize. Sometimes, a pot possession arrest is posted (typically included in a press release of some sort) and sometimes we are silent (when we craft a story without benefit of a press release). When we do independent work, we exclude the violation offense of unlawful possession of marijuana. It's not a crime for which defendants are even finger printed. Yet, upon review, we DO post harassment, trespass and other violation arrests.
Violation arrests, to include unlawful possession of marijuana, will be posted until the laws are changed.
We try...and we review every single day, how the news is presented on this site. Some agree. Some, not so much. The fact is, we try. It's a plan RNN plans to continue. Readers have been amazing...they have expressed opinions and suggestions. Our 'hits' are also up...a lot. However, since not a dime is made on this site, it's just nice that more and more people are turning to usefor some regional news. The site is ad and pop-up free. Just read the news...without clicking and clicking and clicking to get to the story you wanted in the first place!