Monday, October 17, 2016

Steuben County: Drug Drop Box

Undersheriff James Allard, Collen Banik, Jerry Bennett and Specialist Justin Chernogorec at the Public Safety Building Location
The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office working in cooperation with the New York National Guard, Counterdrug Task Force, Civil Operations Unit and CVS Pharmacy announce the placement of (2) Prescription Pharmaceutical Drug Drop Containers at (2) locations within Steuben County. The Sheriff’s Office was approached by the National Guard based in Buffalo in the spring of 2016 and asked to be part of this program to allow for civilians to dispose of Unwanted Prescription Pharmaceutical Medications. The Sheriff’s Office has for several years disposed of Unwanted Prescription Pharmaceutical Medication for the citizens of Steuben County that have been turned in at the Sheriff’s Office or the other Drug Drop Events which are held around Steuben County throughout the year.
The (2) new Prescription Pharmaceutical Drug Drop Containers were installed at the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office located at the lobby of 7007 Rumsey Street Extension in Bath, NY and at the main entrance of the Steuben County Office Building located at 3 East Pulteney Square in the Village of Bath. Both locations will be opened beginning October 18, 2016 to accept unwanted and outdated Prescription Pharmaceutical Medications. Both locations are under constant video surveillance and will be checked on a daily basis by a member of the Sheriff’s Office to process the unwanted medication.
The Prescription Items Accepted in these Containers include:
• Prescription Medication – Up to (10) bottles
• Prescription Patches – Up to (2) boxes
• Prescription Ointments – Not Leaking
• Any Prescriptions for Family Members
• Physician Samples of Prescriptions
The Medical Items Not Accepted in these Containers include:
• Needles or Thermometers
• Over-the Counter Medication
• Vitamins
• Inhalers or Any Aerosol Container
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Ointments, Lotions or Liquids
• Any Medication from Any Business or Clinic
If any member of the public has a large quantity of Prescription Medication to dispose of at either of these locations, you are asked to contact a Deputy Sheriff who will assist you. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the Steuben Prevention Coalition to develop and promote projects like this to help the public with drug awareness and viable solutions.
If any member of the public has questions on the Prescription Pharmaceutical Disposal Program in place at the Sheriff’s Office they are asked to contact Captain Eric R. Tyner at 1-607-622-3911 for further clarification.