Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Town of Scio to consider keeping Wellsville Ambulance contract or switiching

The Scio Town Board is expected to vote tonight on whether it will keep its long standing contract with Wellsville Ambulance or elect for a change. Numerous sources have confirmed to RNN that the town has requested proposals from both Wellsville Ambulance and Amity Rescue. Don Zajicek, Captain for Amity Rescue confirmed Tuesday that his agency had been requested to submit a proposal for service. Asked if Amity was willing and ready to provide service to the town, Zajicek said "yes."
The Town of Scio is expansive and includes Route 417 at "The Summit" as well as the Petrolia area.
According to several first responder sources who had knowledge of the issue and, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said there has been ongoing tension between Scio Fire, Wellsville Ambulance and Rescue. Zajicek said he preferred not to elaborate on any issues.
Wellsville Ambulance currently contracts with the towns of Wellsville, Willing, Scio, Alma and Ward.
One Wellsville Ambulance official said "no comment" when asked about the issue.
 The New York State Health Department will still have to be involved, since Amity Rescue does not have state approval to provide service to Scio.
Scio Fire Chief Jim Ames, who was tapped to coordinate the negotiations, said this afternoon that the proposed contract only includes ambulance services and does not include rescue services.