Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Alfred University: RejectionDay Vote: Nov. 15

One week after the national election, Alfred University students, faculty and staff will have an opportunity Tuesday, Nov. 15, to cast a different kind of ballot in a program called RejectionDay, according to Dan Napolitano, Director of Student Activities. “Students, staff and community members (regardless of their presidential pick or political party) have been invited to cast a ballot rejecting hate, violence, and various forms of discrimination, at the voter’s discretion,” Naplolitano announced in a sample ballot distributed to the University community. The ballot contains two lines listing objectionable actions participants may vote to reject. A third line – titled “I embrace” – invites voters to embrace peace, freedom, prosperity, discourse and forgiveness. The ballot has been circulated throughout the university community via electronic media. Voters may print the ballot, cast their votes and post to social media. Participants in RejectionDay may also cast actual ballot on AU’s Allen Way from 10am to 2pm Tuesday. “All are welcome,” Napolitano said. “This program is intended just as much for Trump-supporters as Clinton-supporters, as both groups seek to denounce hate and division within our community.”