Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Allegany County Emergency Manangement October report

October 2016 Activity Report

10/3- I attended the last WRECK IT 16 Planning meeting at Jones Memorial

10/4- Mike sent out a notice to the State that the CFR classes scheduled for the fall were cancelled due to low enrollment. Bonnie conducted the annual safety training and orientation for new staff at the ACCORD Corporation.

10/5- I attend the SWREMS meeting in Olean and brought up the concern of the CC program. The NYS DOH CC TAG group will be providing a report of their findings at the March meeting of the SEMAC( State Emergency Medical Advisory Council ) in Albany.

10/7- I responded with the Hazmat trailer to a MVA in Almond.

10/9 Bonnie represented this office at Cuba’s Fire department annual smoky Sunday.

10/11-Mike attended the Elder Abuse Committee meeting at the EOC in the Public Safety Facility.

We reviewed the active cases involving financial and/ or physical abuse along with the phone and mail scams that target the elderly. I responded to a cardiac arrest in Angelica and a 2 car MVA in Oramel.

10/12- I attended the Department Head meeting.

10/13- I met with the Town Highway Superintendent of Bolivar and Asst Fire Chief to discuss alternative plains for an emergency detour while a bridge deck was being replaced.
Bonnie attended the Association of Town Highways to work on the completion of Hazard Mitigation worksheets.

10/ 16- Our office along with the Houghton Volunteer Fire Dept hosted the annual Swift Water Tech Rescue class. We had 24 students complete this training with 5 being from Allegany County. The others came from Cattaraugus, Chemung, and Monroe counties.

10/17- Bonnie and Mike sat in on the Final RACES Exercise Planning and Action Items for the WRECKIT / RACES/ Amateur Radio exercise webinar.

10/18- I attendedthe WNY EM meeting in Batavia. Bonnie and I along with members of the Hazard Mitigation Team sat in on a conference call update with Tetra Tech.

10/19- I provided a fire safety training for the OFA meals on wheels staff.

10/21-Mike took care of getting the EMT and Advanced EMT students signed up for the clinical times they wanted at both Jones Memorial and Olean General Hospital. Mike is also working with the City
of Olean Fire Department and Ambulance Company on setting up a Ride-Along agreement so that our students will be able to do some of their field time with their professional ambulance service. I responded to various flooding events primarily in the Clarksville, Cuba, and Friendship area of the county. Bonnie met with the Town of Andover to work with them on completing worksheets for the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

10/25-Mike prepared the new Clinical agreements with Jones Memorial, Olean General, St James and Wyoming Community Hospitals for the 2017 EMS courses requiring clinical and ride-along rotations by the State. Bonnie met with the Town of Bolivar to finish the Hazard Mitigation worksheets at Cross Roads.

10/26 - Bonnie met with Village of Bolivar to work on Hazard Mitigation worksheets in the morning and with Town of Independence in the afternoon to work on the new actions for the Hazard Mitigation Plan. She will then meet with Town of Centerville at 4:30 in Centerville to help them finish their worksheets.

10/27- Mike sat in on the webinar “Incident Safety Officer (ISO) Training and System Development”.

I met with Fillmore Central School administration to discuss an alternative safety plan. I attended the WNY Fire Coordinators meeting in Mt Morris. Mike and Bonnie attended the end of the year meeting. Bonnie met with town of Alma to finish the Hazard Mitigation worksheets.

10/28- Bonnie, Mike and myself attended the Joint Preparedness Committee meeting held in the EOC at the Public Safety Facility. The topics included: Ebola Funding or changes; the Zika Virus; EMS Report; Clearinghouse Report; Ridge Walk; Andover Haunted House; Red Cross Updates; and new business including Deer season, the Holiday season, Future Events and Future Agenda Items.

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